Why Nexen

NEXEN TIRE is the first company to ever manufacture tires in Korea. With the start as Heung-A Tire in 1942, NEXEN TIRE later evolved in the 80s and 90s to become a company processing word-class technology powers through technical tires, and global tires giant.

Since then, NEXEN TIRE has progressively been making inroads (into foreign markets such as the US, China, and Europe; expanding its business horizon as an emerging global company. Over the past 70 years, NEXEN TIRE has relentlessly pursuits challenges and innovations. Based on most superior technology and manufacturing competitiveness NEXEN TIRE reports the world highest growth rate every year, set it upon a new history

The competence of NEXEN TIRE comes from superior manufacturing competitiveness of each of its production bases.

Yansan Factory acts as a control tower with its world class manufacturing capability.

Qingdao has effectively established a bridge to the Chinese market in a secured optimal manufacturing capability.

Changyeong Factory manufactures eco-friendly, high value-added products, based on its cutting-edge automation facilities.

In pursuit of strategic cooperation and balanced production, these production bases operate NEXEN TIRE’s unique and optimized IT system: MES and SCM, realizing a higher level of systematic production management and efficient supply. On top of this, the Czech factory will virtually become a mecca* of tire production in Europe acting as a new growth engine for NEXEN TIRE with 70 years of its own know-how and the word’s best facilities. This will enable NEXEN TIRE to expand its capacity, reaching a total of 39 million units in 2015, 43 million in 2018–upon the start of the new Czech factory, and 53 million in 2021; all contributing to allow the company to take a bold leap toward becoming a global leader.

The passion and dreams of NEXEN TIRE’s to develop the world’s best quality tires is being realized with continuous commitment to research and taking on new challenges. NEXEN TIRE has established a global R&D Network led by its main R&D center in Yongsan, Korea; along with its R&D facilities in the US, China, and Germany, where it develops future-oriented innovative products that will leave the global market the reinforced technical competitiveness. Furthermore, it has established proving ground including the NEXEN TIRE vehicle dynamic testing center, as well as a regional evaluation system. Based on this, NEXEN TIRE is engaged in developing tires with optimal driving performance, responding proactively to various driving conditions and diverse needs to the global market. These products develop base systems have been highly rated by numerous global designer awards and renowned magazine, further underscoring the superior performance and quality.