Reading information on car tires

Load index and speed rating
Load Index or index of the load capacity of a tire. Load index is a two-digit number that can tell you how much weight this tire can hold. For example, the number “91” means that this tire can support a weight of 615 kg. A car has 4 tires, so 4 tires can support a weight of 2,460 kg.

Speed Rating or the specified speed rating is the maximum speed limit of the tire while carrying weight according to the load index (Load Index), which will be specified in letters and numbers according to the table. For example, On the sidewall of the tire is marked the letter W. This means that That tire can reach a top speed of 270 kilometers per hour while loaded.

DOT Number
Nexen Tire Content 100% DOT is an abbreviation for Department of Transportation. is the production date (the first 2 numbers representing the week of the year plus the last 2 numbers representing the year of manufacture, or the 2 numbers representing the week of the year plus 1 for tires manufactured before 2000). For example, 2408 indicates the week of manufacture. It is the 24th week, indicating that it was produced in the 6th month of June, and 08 is the year of manufacture in 2008.

Installation position
On tires with a tread it is called Asymmetrical tread On the tire there will be the words “inside” and “outside” on both sidewalls to indicate the position for installing the tire. When installing, bring the side with the word outside to the same side as the front of the alloy wheel. And when it’s time to change tires will be able to switch at any position.